Thursday, 17 November 2011

November brings new things and no money.

I've recently been spending money I don't have, lusting over things I can't afford and digging out products I once knew and loved.
So here it is... my mid-November favourites!!

Bobbi Brown does it again! The Hydrating Gel Cream is my new favourite primer, it is so moisturising and keeps my makeup on all day long giving a lovely smooth base for me to work with.

Bourjois, Bourjois, Bourjois!
This is my newest purchase after seeing SWalkermakeup and Lisa Eldridge talk about it I had to give it a try. Already it is my favourite foundation! It gives you an instant glow with a really natural looking coverage that you can easily build up, the makeup stays on all day and doesn't slide even after a long day of work - it's a gooden!

Studio finish concealer is a winner in my eyes, I've tried and loved other products but this one has stood the test of time and never fails to cover any imperfections.

Pretty eyes.
I've never been a huge L'oreal fan however I recently got a box of L'oreal goodies after spending too much money in boots, this eyeshadow was inside and it was love at first sight. The colour is hawt and does not budge! Its a great base colour but I've been loving using it in the inner corner of my eye to brighten my eyes up and to try and draw the attention away from my under eye circles!!

Rose Petal Salve.
This product has been in my room for donkeys! I recently watched a 'uglyfaceofbeauty' video on youtube where she spoke about how much she loved this salve and it instantly sent me on a wild goose chase to try and find the salve! 3 hours later after turning my bedroom upside down I found it! It smells and tastes beaut. It gives your lips a really pretty shine and keeps them moisturised for hours without feeling sticky or too oily.

99p nails.
I've always been a fan of H&M nail varnish so you can imagine my excitement to find these cute little 99p bottles! I saw a colour similar to this by nails inc. in October but couldn't justify spending so much money on it. But 99p? Who wouldn't!!

This bad boy makes my hair so shiny and keeps it in great condition, after dying my hair back from blonde last year I've been trying to get it healthy and finally with the help of this the split ends are backing off.

Powdered Volume.
V05 instant oomph powder is the work of the gods. My hair is ridiculously thin and limp but with a tap of this my hair is huuuge!

Animal hats.
I never got on the panda hat band wagon last year but am catching up now! I got this Owl hat from River Island in September, its so cosy and provides alot of entertainment when pulled down over your face...

Her album is stunning, my favourite tracks are:
# Never Forget you
#The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
#Young Blood
Definitely worth a listen!!

Cups of tea
At one point I had eight... 8!! Mugs in my room, I don't know what's worse - how much tea I'm getting through or how gross I am for leaving them in my room. Ah well.

HTC Rhyme
Possibly the most beautiful coloured phone of all time?


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  1. aw, the hat is so cute!x