Friday, 18 October 2013

These are a few of my favourite things...

I'm back! 
Trying to write a blog about pretty things is rather difficult when you've been living in the library in a hoody for 6 months (Dissertations are not as fun as they sound...) however I'm back into the swing of things again -I'm showering, wearing makeup and even on the rare occasion painting my nails! Madness!!

Here's a few of my favourite things that I've been obsessing over recently:

I've been smelling like... Juicy Courture - Viva La Juicy
I've been blushing over... MAC - Stay Pretty
I've been decorating myself with... Turtle Ring/other cute rings.

I've been looking all fancy in... Dresses that resemble carpets, in the best possible way courtesy of River Island 

I've been styling myself... A lot of black, studs, grungy/glam?! Bag and skirt both Primark.

I've been getting cosy in... These beautiful velvet slippers from Boden.

What have been your favourites?

So this happened...


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bubbly nails !

On a recent venture to SuperDrug I came across a product I've been waiting to try out, some call them 'bubble nails' others call them 'caviar nails' but I shall refer to them as 'creepy nails'.
Mua were selling the sets of the coloured little things for £2 so I decided to give them a try!

My initial verdict was that they were pretty fiddly to apply but the process was quite therapeutic. You gently pour the beads on top of wet nail varnish and even more gently tap them into place.
Once set they feel weird.
Really weird...

Within minutes I felt unable to do anything with my hands, my cardigan kept catching on them, as did my hair! I kept accidentally eating the beads when they fell off into food! Nightmare!

The next morning they looked awful and did not look anything like they has the night before; they had chopped off, discoloured and just looked gross.

My verdict: creepy. Very creepy.
Not for me! But maybe fun for one night out...

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Aveda is a favourite brand of mine. When it comes to skincare, their enbrightenment cleanser is the stuff of dreams so I was very excited to try another product from the enbrightenment range.

I got this moisturising correcting creme for Christmas and have been indulging in it daily since. It smells amazing thanks to the delicious organic ingredients including shea butter, lavender, sandalwood and rosemary. The combination off essential oils and vitamin enriched ingredients help brighten the skin and diminish the appearance of any dark spots or scars.

Looking on their website they claim you can notice a difference after 8 weeks but I am already seeing an improvement. My scars are looking much lighter and the dark areas under and around my eyes look much brighter which is strange seeing as my sleep routine is terrible at the moment!

I have a combination skin type with a really really oily t-zone and dry patches around my neck and on my cheeks but this seems to work perfectly for me. It provides a great base for foundation and sinks into the skin quickly so theirs no need to sit impatiently while it does its work.

Unfortunately, like any Aveda product this is pretty pricey at an eye watering £45 *gulp* ! This is definitely not something I would by myself on my stusent budget however it makes a great gift and because it is so concentrated one pot can last much longer than usual moisturisers.

So until I become wealthy I will just treasure this pot and hope it doesn't run out anytime soon!!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How to spruce up your student room

I've lived in four different student flats/houses now so have had my fair share of cell-like bedrooms, my newest flat in Edinburgh is much nicer however when you know you're living somewhere for just a year, it's often quite hard to find the effort to make it pretty - but trust me it's so worth doing!
Here are my rules when it comes to decorating student rooms:

1) Go crazy. 
Not literally, of course... But decorate your room as much as you want! You will be writing thousands of words in this room, revising 'til the early hours, sleeping of many hangovers and possibly having a few visitors! You want this room to be fun and comforting! Take advantage of the fact its a short-term thing and treat it like that - try new things, new styles and new ways of decorating, have fun while you're young and in your first year at uni! We all know we will never get the deposit back! This is a photo from my first year room.

2) Get cosy
Student beds are usually pretty dreadful so I always load them up with mattress protectors and thrown a snuggly feather filled quilt on top with loads of throws and pillows. I think it's important to make the bed as cosy as possible as it really will encourage you to get that much deserved sleep after weeks of essay writing. I also use my bed as the main vocal point of my room, I try to make it up everyday to help my room look nicely made up. Which lets face it - can be difficult. 

3) Be practical
If you're anything like me then getting ready for nights out/days out can turn my room into a complete mess with makeup, clothes, shoes and hair grips spread accross the floor. If you know you use your makeup/hair products lots then leave them out. I always make a makeup/hair station that's completely accessible in my room. There's no use tidying them into little draws when you will just be using them off the desk all week. Make your makeup area organised so that everything is easy to reach and most importantly - easy to put back.
Similarly if you know you won't be reading the books you brought to university - to make you look smart - then put them away, you know where they are if you want to read them but don't keep things out unless they are for decoration or if they are something you need. Most uni rooms are tiny so don't waste space by trying to look cool ;).

4) Lighting.
This is what will make your room transform. Usually we're given horrible bright, white lights that do no room any favours. I always get some fairy lights, a nice bedside lamp and nice candle holders to give the room a warmer colour and make the room feel lovely and cosy at night.

5) Fragrance.
Stale, old, mouldy...? The usual smells for student rooms unfortunately, I always get a room diffuser - I use the oil ones where you put sticks in them to release a really nice gentle scent into the room. I'm not a huge fan of the fake 'apple' smelling things you plug into the wall personally. Pick a fragrance that suits you and disguises the natural smell of the room, also candles are great for this - Primark do some amazing vanilla candles that make my room smell sweet all day long.

6) Desk inspirations.
After a long night of revision the last thing I want to look up to is a blank wall, I always cover the wall in front of my desk in inspirational quotes, photos, newspaper clippings, postcards and a few photos of my nearest and dearest. Don't make it completely distracting but help make it an area that will inspire you and make you want to sit and do work. 

And finally...

7) Keep it private.
From my experience there will be alot of new faces coming in and out of your room at uni, and until you feel fully confident with who your living with keep certain things private. There's many reasons for this, the main one is that it's not like at home where the security of the house is taken care of by your parents. Any one of your housemates could forget to close their window, lock the door properly or forget to put their laptop out of sight. Lots of people take advantage of students forgetting to lock up properly so keep things you want safe out of sight and make sure to lock everything properly. Better safe than sorry.

Monday, 17 December 2012

My Christmas Face!

This was my look for a Christmas party this year.

What I'm wearing:
Eyes- l'Oreal Lash Architect Mascara, urban decay naked palette 2 (booty call - inner corner of eye and under brow, Foxy- all over lid, tease- in crease). L'Oreal super liner in black, Girls Aloud 'Nicola' false lashes.
Skin- Estée Lauder double wear foundation in 'desert beige' WAY to dark for me! Mac Pro long wear concealer nw15 and nw20.
Cheeks- Nars 'Laguna' bronzer, mac highlighter in 'soft and gentle', sleek blush 'life's a peach'.
Lips- mac lipstick 'Russian Red', Graeme cotton red lipgloss.

Barry Glitter

Barry M has done it again with providing the most sparkly, glittery and festive nail varnishes this winter!

These are some of my favourite ones, I like to put them over turquoise or deep pinks however they look beautiful just on their own too.

I love how big nail art is now, and glitter is the simplest way of making your nails look amazing! I stole a cheeky ombré glitter nail technique of my friend which il post about very soon. SuperDrug have fab offers on Barry M atm so a new polish shouldn't break the bank this Christmas :)

But be warned... they are a bit of a faff to remove, however if your anything like me you gradually crack them off. Oops!
If you don't want to damage nails then I'd recommend soaking little cotton wool pads in nail varnish remover, place them on top of the nail then wrap them up in foil, 10-15 minutes later slide the foil and cotton off and voila! No glitter!