Friday, 18 October 2013

These are a few of my favourite things...

I'm back! 
Trying to write a blog about pretty things is rather difficult when you've been living in the library in a hoody for 6 months (Dissertations are not as fun as they sound...) however I'm back into the swing of things again -I'm showering, wearing makeup and even on the rare occasion painting my nails! Madness!!

Here's a few of my favourite things that I've been obsessing over recently:

I've been smelling like... Juicy Courture - Viva La Juicy
I've been blushing over... MAC - Stay Pretty
I've been decorating myself with... Turtle Ring/other cute rings.

I've been looking all fancy in... Dresses that resemble carpets, in the best possible way courtesy of River Island 

I've been styling myself... A lot of black, studs, grungy/glam?! Bag and skirt both Primark.

I've been getting cosy in... These beautiful velvet slippers from Boden.

What have been your favourites?

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