Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I've got it covered.

Concealers - they can be your best friend or a complete pain in the arse!
Having struggled with bad skin throughout my teens I have tried various types of concealers from sticks, creams, gels and liquids. But recently I've realised that I've never compared my concealers to see which was better, I just tend to grab what's nearest and hope for the best. So here it is...

dun dun duhhh....

Mole pre cover up:
Mole after using 'Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch concealer' in shade natural 2:
Mole after using 'Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer' in shade Medium 3:
Mole after using 'UNE: Skin-Echo Concealer' in shade E01
Mole after using '17 Hide & Chic Eye Brightening concealer' in shade light beige
Mole after using 'MAC Studio Finish concealer' in shade NW20
Mole after using 'Bobbi Brown Corrector' in shade Light Bisque (correcter is not a concealer I know but... well I don't care)

Bobbi brown correcter really cancelled out the darkness of the mole and I know from using it that it is fab for covering up any scarring or dark circles so... I think I'll cheat and make that #1. Shortly followed by Mac, this concealer gives a very even coverage and isn't patchy so that is going to be runner up!
Now... the rest.
In a way I feel using my little mole was a bit cheeky, first of all this mole is on my hand, and secondly most concealers are designed to be used on blemishes. As a result some of the concealers I love and swore by didn't turn up too great in this test, but for under eyes and blemishes they work fine. The Collection 2000 illuminating concealer did me proud and gave my skin a lovely brightness and although it didn't completely cover the mole it gave it a good try.
One shocker was the Collection 2000 lasting perfection, that stuff when using on top of my foundation could cover anything!! But alas on my mole it didn't seem to do much. 17's under eye concealer did okay but didn't give as even a coverage as the collection 2000, which was surprising as they are both in the same price range.
There is one that I knew would do badly, and that one is the UNE concealer. Urgh I HATE the stuff! It smells like vanilla yoghurt (normally I would like this but in a concealer no. Just...no.) it also is way to liquid-y (new word) and no matter how I've applied it using brushes/my finger it still looks uneven and covers nothing at all. It also separates throughout the day - so basically it is really s###!! Also it was really pricey!!

So to conclude, in the battle of CONCEALER vs. MOLE the winner was...

Bobbi Brown Corector <3 shortly followed by MAC studio finish concealer.

So maybe it is true - high end products really do cut the mustard! So dig out your dosh ladies!



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