Saturday, 23 July 2011

Skin Care

Throughout my teens I tried all the different facial washes, masks and wipes, but none of them seemed to work, many friends of mine went on pills designed to help their skin - and they worked! But for some reason I was never tempted to resort to fixing my skin that way, part of me always thought it was because of what I ate or was due to my hormones. 

But now I realise, my skin was just a bit of a bitch

Then in 2007 I found 'Dermalogica' and their products made my skin so much better! I still had spots and the monthly break-outs but it was nothing a good concealer couldn't fix, however as I got older my skin was changing and it needed more moisturising products. I had never moisturised my skin until I was 17, thinking back I'm horrified! But at the time my skin just felt so oily that the thought of putting on something moisturising seemed pointless and quite terrifying! 
It was at this point (aged 18) that I went to uni where I was too poor to keep buying the fancy dermalogica products I'd been using, instead I used any cheap cleanser I could find, and oh boy did my skin pay for it! 
In my 2nd year of uni I decided to do something about it and went into the 'Aveda' shop in Leeds - and I have never looked back!
Their Enbrightenment facial brightening cleanser is the work of the gods! It has done me proud through the last 2 years and I couldn't dream of using anything else. Now my skin is less prone to breakouts and I think it is due to:
a) being 21 and my hormones 'settling' down
b) using my toner and moisturiser twice daily 
c) Using a natural and good quality face wash 
d) Using high quality foundations and concealers.
The main things I have found throughout all the years of struggling with my skin are that drinking water, avoiding touching your face/picking at spots AND not using cheap make up can all really help improve your skin. 

Now that rant is over! Here is what I use on a daily basis (except for the face mask that I use once every 2-3 weeks):




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  2. wow, i know how you feel about having skin give you a hard time.
    i might have to try some of those products!