Sunday, 26 February 2012

Get yo hurr did.

I thought I'd share with you all my current hair routine with some products that I use and my thoughts on them plus a few tips for anyone who has a full fringe like mine and suffers from the well known - bad fringe days *cringes*.
So here are my day to day and night to night essentials: 
For Healthy hair:
Coconut Oil Hair Shine - The Body Shop
 I absolutely adore the packaging for this product! At a first glance this 'hair oil' looks like one of the Body Shops famous body butters due to its consistency and amazing smell. The way I use this product is by scooping out a coin sized amount and warming it up between my hands then apply the product to the ends of my hair by grabing bits of my hair and lightly scrunching them, if theres any oil left on my hand I run it through the rest of my hair but avoid my fringe as it can make my hair look greasy if I get a bit overexcited with it. For best results I use it when my hair is damp just before I blowdry it or leave it to dry naturally, also if my hair is looking a bit frizzy near the end of the dair I'll run a bit through my hair to tame it slightly.
Good points: 
1) Because the product comes in a tin there are no oil leeks like I suffered from with the moroccan oil which leaked into my bag on more than one occasion (grrr!).
2) It smells amazing and I find it moisturises my hair and provides shine.
3) It helps to de-tangle my hair after a shower better than anly leave in conditioners do.
Not so good points:
1) Like I said before if you use a bit too much your hair can look greasy which is never good
2) Unlike other oils I've tried in the past it takes the longest to be absorbed/for the oily texture to turn into shine.

Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection
 I am a HUGE fan of aussie products and this one definitely doesn't dissappoint! The smell is as gorgeous as all their other products and my hair appears shinier after using this spray over using any other heat sprays. I apply it to damp hair before blow drying and then once again before straightening as my hair is very thin so suffers from heat damage very easily!
Good points: 
1) It smells totes amaze! Just like their 3minute wonder conditioners do - yummy!
2) It protects hair from heat and provides shine
Not so good points:
1) The pump sprays out the product quite directly rather than a fine mist so ensuring the product is applied all over your hair can use more of the product than you would find on heat sprays that give a fine mist that covers a larger surface area.
2) The product doesn't state what temperature the hair is protected up to so considering my straighteners can reach up to 320 degrees - I don't know if this spray will protect my hair on that temperature.

For Volume:
Batiste Dry Shampoo for medium & brunette hair
I am not the hugest fan of dry shampoo to help hair last another day without washing, as my hair gets greasy very fast and I prefer to wash it daily because of this. However... for volume and for ensuring a fit fringe I am a big lover of the dry shampoo! I use mine almost daily to give my fringe a bit more umph and to stop it looking greasy or separating, I simply spray my hair at the roots by my fringe and ruffle it with my fingers down my hair to get rid of any greasy looking hair and to provide some volume. For nights out I apply the dry shampoo and then tease the area to get extra hold before hairspraying. The brunette sprays are better for me as I have medium-dark hair so the normal dry shampoos can make my hair look a bit grey/ashy if I don't rub them in properly.
Good points:
1) It provides instant volume and makes your fringe look fuller and cleaner!
2) It is lightweight so perfect to through in your bag to ensure a perfect fringe all day.
3) It's great to help your hair last until the night time by giving it a little bit of a freshen up without having to wash it again.
Not so good points:
1) I'm still not a huge fan of the smell. Partly because it reminds me of festivals and of having dirty hair haha!

Schwarzkopf Got 2b Powder'ful Volumizing Styling Powder
I've tried many of these powders out and find few differences between them other than value for money. This one had the most product for the cheapest price which is why I purchased it. Like all other powdered volumizing products you shake it and then sprinkle it onto your hair either before or after teasing it with a comb and rub it in. It leaves your hair with a strange texture however makes it appear much thicker and this particular brand holds the volume for much longer than other ones I've tried such as toni and guy and V05.
I apply it for nights out before I tease my hair to give me more volume around the crown of my head.
Good points:
1) It has a nice smell and holds hair well providing good volume.
2) Good value for money
Not so good points:
1) Like all powders your hair feels strange a kind of sticky powdery texture which is difficult to brush out the next day.

Holding Down The Fort:

Gum Hair Salon Expertise Flexi Professional Hairspray
This is my go-to hairspray if I know I need a lot of hold and will be using ALOT of hairspray. I used it for anything fancy dress or anything wear I don't need my hair to look particularly natural or have much movement. The finish can be slightly crispy if you use a heavy hand but the hold is unbelievable, you can still restyle it but know it won't let go of the hold.
Good points:
1) It's from home bargains so is very inexpensive and you get a lot of product for the price.
2) Your hair will not budge at all
Not so good points:
1) The smell is not the nicest, very typical of a cheap hairspray so I usually spray a bit of perfume in my hair after if I want to disguse the hairspray smell.
2) The ingredients aren't great which is why I only use this for fancy dress or occasions where I have already ruined my hair by curling/straightening/crimping the crap out of it haha!

Schwarzkopf Got 2b 2 Sexy Collagen lift effect Big Volume Hairspray
This is my day by day and night by night hairspray, it smells delish and gives great volume and hold. When used with a light hand I can restyle my hair throughout the night, however when used heavily it provides amazing hold with a shiny healthy looking finish. I spray this on hair when it's been back combed/teased or to keep loose curls in place. I can even use this on my fringe without it leaving it looking crispy or loosing it's natural movement.
Good points: 
1) Smells amazing
2) Sprays a really fine mist so not much is needed, has excellent hold and gives volume.
Not so good points:
1) Can feel sticky when first applied
2) Doesn't hold hair well if it's sprayed on top of other products such as oils or wax

And finally I can't recommend a small brush such as the tresemme one above as they are great to take with you in your bag to brush through your fringe with when it's playing up.

Hope this was helpful!
Lots of love


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