Monday, 5 March 2012

Pucker up!

I have really gotten into wearing lipsticks recently, I'm obsessed with red lipstick at the moment so with all the attention being on my lips I have started giving them the TLC they deserve!

This is what I do when my lips are getting a bit chapped, dry or just looking mildly traumatized:

Lip TLC Instructions  

1) Lick your lips in excitement before pressing your finger into the scrub (the sugar clings to anything and everything so be careful not to be too overzealous when getting it out).
2) Gently rub it all over your lips until it starts to dissolve and then lick off the tasty bubblegum sugary (also dead skin... ew) goodness.
3) Repeat to ensure your lips are fully shed of their former lives (if this stings your lips or they feel sore after the first scrub then don't repeat it).
4) Apply a generous layer of lip salve or balm - avoid pure petrolatum or bees wax products for this as they only provide a barrier to stop you loosing moisture, try and get one (such as the one listed below) that uses oils such as sweet almond and rose oil that help hydrate and restore the lips condition as well as preventing loosing moisture.

(Lush bubblegum lipscrub)

The lip scrub removes all that gross dead skin leaving my lips smooth and with a fresh layer of skin ready for moisturising! 

(Rose & co. apothecary Rose Petal Salve)

 I love Rose & co. products they smell wonderful and always have amazing packaging and of course do their job amazingly. Their Rose petal salve which is heavenly if like me you love the smell of rose and are not ashamed of the fact your granny may also own this product... 

Other products I love are anything from the Balance Me range or good old softlips in french vanilla is so handy to throw in my bag as a go-to lip rescue.

Now go show off those healthy pouts!

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