Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bubbly nails !

On a recent venture to SuperDrug I came across a product I've been waiting to try out, some call them 'bubble nails' others call them 'caviar nails' but I shall refer to them as 'creepy nails'.
Mua were selling the sets of the coloured little things for £2 so I decided to give them a try!

My initial verdict was that they were pretty fiddly to apply but the process was quite therapeutic. You gently pour the beads on top of wet nail varnish and even more gently tap them into place.
Once set they feel weird.
Really weird...

Within minutes I felt unable to do anything with my hands, my cardigan kept catching on them, as did my hair! I kept accidentally eating the beads when they fell off into food! Nightmare!

The next morning they looked awful and did not look anything like they has the night before; they had chopped off, discoloured and just looked gross.

My verdict: creepy. Very creepy.
Not for me! But maybe fun for one night out...

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