Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Aveda is a favourite brand of mine. When it comes to skincare, their enbrightenment cleanser is the stuff of dreams so I was very excited to try another product from the enbrightenment range.

I got this moisturising correcting creme for Christmas and have been indulging in it daily since. It smells amazing thanks to the delicious organic ingredients including shea butter, lavender, sandalwood and rosemary. The combination off essential oils and vitamin enriched ingredients help brighten the skin and diminish the appearance of any dark spots or scars.

Looking on their website they claim you can notice a difference after 8 weeks but I am already seeing an improvement. My scars are looking much lighter and the dark areas under and around my eyes look much brighter which is strange seeing as my sleep routine is terrible at the moment!

I have a combination skin type with a really really oily t-zone and dry patches around my neck and on my cheeks but this seems to work perfectly for me. It provides a great base for foundation and sinks into the skin quickly so theirs no need to sit impatiently while it does its work.

Unfortunately, like any Aveda product this is pretty pricey at an eye watering £45 *gulp* ! This is definitely not something I would by myself on my stusent budget however it makes a great gift and because it is so concentrated one pot can last much longer than usual moisturisers.

So until I become wealthy I will just treasure this pot and hope it doesn't run out anytime soon!!

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